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So I'm saving for a new place...that means I need to open commissions

... 2020 is turning out to be something, isn't it?

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(Image is unrelated. It's just an old doodle that still makes me chuckle)

Skintober 25 - Cosmic

Day 25 - wasn’t expecting this to work so well...tad worried about how dark star is going to turn out :S

Skintober 24 - Rift Quest

Day 24 ...Wasn’t is obvious I’d pick red mage? :P

Skintober 23 - Dawnbringer

Day 23 - went more in the direction of the original Dawnbringer karma design.

Star Wars : The Jedi Academy (Commission)

I am supposed to be on holiday... but I've been finishing this beast off. Kinda chuffed with it ^_^

Skintober 22 - Demacia Vice

Day 22 - (Didn't have much time on this one, unfortunately) ...THAT'S A LOT OF PINK!

Skintober 21 - Coven

Day 21 - ...I don't know how she would qualify for the Coven but hey ho

Skintober 20 -Star Guardians

Day 20 - ....What could possibly go wrong with two children and an inter-dimensional cape? (With guest OC's Jack and Lief (not mine))

Skintober 19 - Pulsefire

Day 19 - Thank god Pantheon got that skin so I could justify the cape...

Skintober 18 - Spirit Blossom

Day 18 - Shame the dead can't eat...that takoyaki is going to waste

Skintober 17 - Battle Academia

Day 17 - Tidying up Battle much greeeen.

Skintober 16 - Victorious

Day 16 - It’s a tad too over the top, but isn’t it the point?

Skintober 15 - *Free day*

Day 15 was a free day... so of course, this was my choice! I miss this AU so much!!

Skintober 14 - Elderwood

Day 14 - ...I needed to animate this to make this work...hmmm

Skintober 13 - Psyops

Day 13 - I really liked the weapons and VFX in this skin-line...think I went too ham with the glitch effect though...

Skintober 12 - Immortal Journey

Day 12 - This is the closest look to her Elder-verse I’m going to get…also Sky with dark hair? Hmmm….

Skintober 11 - program

Day 11 - I’ve explored PROJECT a lot so I figured I should attempt a program skin…hmmmmmm

Skintober 10 - Odyssey

Day 10 - Was thinking more of an Ora knight? ….I just wanted a lava-lamp sword not going to lie.

Skintober 9- Arcanist

Day 9…based it more on the Wild Rift Lux version of the skin….although I’m getting beauty and the beast vibes from this?

Skintober 8 - Arcade

The arcade skin had a major overhaul since the beat-saber joke got stolen by Lux X’D Hope this works instead!

Skintober 7 - Worldbreaker

Day 7 - I really wanted to skip this one because I despise this skin-line, but I felt like I would be cheating so I tried. This skin-line doesn’t suit human characters...

Skintober 6 - Cosplay / onesie party

Day 6 - I have drawn Sky in onesies before, but since Little Legends now exist, I figured that this redesign needed to be based on one of those (Paddlemar to be precise :3c )

Skintober 5 - Dragonmancer

Day 5 ...Let’s just say I was a tad miffed when Lee Sin got the lightning dragon...because let’s face it, Sky would have suited it more :P

Skintober 4 - Blood Moon

Day 4 …Tweaked her Bloodmoon design (notably the scarf and the legs/feet)

Commission - 'There There Nashu~'

Render commission for Twitter

Skintober 3 - Hartseeker Sky

Day 3 ….Why I’ve never thought of that pun before is beyond me…and the hair still freaks me out X’D